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Being a part of the network means regularly receiving inspiration and rich mentoring tools both weekly and monthly.

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The entire Thrive network content was first birthed with the John Maxwell organization and then in partnership with Pastor Colleen Rouse it’s been curated and optimized for your growth and development as a woman of faith and influence.

Inspirational + Empowering

The regular types of content you will receive are curated with two purposes in mind. We want to provide encouragement and content that is pivotal to your growth but then equip you to be a woman of influence as well.

Be Encouraged

Through daily blog posts and weekly articles, we aim to inspire and encourage personal growth. As a member, your Thrive dashboard will be daily and weekly include content that has been prepared exclusively for our members.

Be Trained

As a member specific events, videos and content will be made available to you that empowers and trains you to influence others as a woman of faith. This content provided in conjunction with our small group content guides.

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God has equipped you to Thrive and not merely survive. Here are five things to stay out of survival mode and move onto influence.